Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things That Go CHOMP In The Night

Janelle loves sleeping in bed with her mommy and daddy every night, but the only downside is the routine that she picked up, luckily she has not done this so much lately, but the first few months we had her were filled with chomps in the night.

It was like our very own personal alarm clock - except far too early. We would be sleeping and all of a sudden we would hear "CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP" in our face. The sound of teeth grinding and chomping coming from Janelle was annoying. For two months straight I would get up at 3:30 a.m. and walk her down to her food dish which had food in it and watch her eat - maybe she was scared to go down and eat alone in a new home, or maybe she was just training me to do everything I can to make her happy.

It got annoying and we thought it would stop if we brought the food upstairs. At 3:30 she'd start to chomp in our faces and we'd just throw her off the bed and direct her toward her food.

We realized that it wasn't just her saying that she was hungry, but it was her way of getting our attention. Some people have cats who will just go about their day and hide under the bed, sleep, and not really interact much with humans, but Janelle is more like a small dog always wanting to be the center of attention and needing constant reassurance that she's loved, but what can you expect from a shelter cat?

She's so loving that we don't mind the chomping much anymore. We'll occasionally lock her out of the room but then she will just paw at the door and meow outside of it - further proof that maybe we don't own our cats, but our cats own us.

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