Monday, January 30, 2012

Janelle's First Trip to The Vet

At the end of July Dennis and I decided that it was time to make an appointment for Janelle to see the vet. This would be the first time we had ever taken Janelle to the vet, and this would be my first time every going to a vet's office in my entire life so it was an experience for all of us.

We woke up for the 10 a.m. appointment and put Janelle in the new carrier we had bought her. She seemed calm sitting inside of it, until we brought it outside. I can only imagine what was going through her head. Did she think we were giving her back to the humane society? I sat in the backseat with her as she meowed the whole way and tried to paw her way out of the metal bars.

When we arrived at the vet's office we signed in and I realized that we had left all of Janelle's paperwork at home - so Dennis drove all the way back home to get the paper work while we waited for the vet. There was a resident cat walking around licking itself and a man had brought his dog in. Janelle meowed and seemed scared, she wouldn't even eat any of the treats I tried to give her.

Dennis got back with the paperwork and then the vet's assistant saw us.

We took her out of the carrier and she seemed scared and worried. The vet assistant put Janelle on a scale, it read 10 pounds. When we first got her she was 8 pounds, and Dennis was worried that Janelle was underweight, but the assistant assured us that she was just the right weight.

I requested that the vet trim her nails, but when trimming Janelle's nails she can be vicious. The vet assistant wrote "CAUTION!" on the paperwork.

When the vet came out he looked at Janelle all over, but he couldn't give us a reason why she was grinding her teeth other than her tooth decay at the back of her mouth.

He went to clip her nails and we were expecting this to be a show - we were expecting Janelle to fight the way she does when we try to clip her nails. To our surprise, Janelle was more than compliant and she just let him clip away. The vet said it was because she was uneasy in a new surrounding and vulnerable.

I gave her some treats for being a good sport about it and then we left. On the car ride home we stopped to pick Janelle up some wet food for being such a good sport. Let's hope the next vet appointment goes just as well.

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