Monday, April 9, 2012

Not all cats were meant for stardom

Not all cats were meant to be stars. You see those cats in pictures and those commercials and you think, "Hey, my cat is super cute, my cat could do that." Well, I take a lot of amateur pictures of my cat with my cell phone and I think she could be one of those star cats in those commercials and movies, but then today Dennis comes home with those fancy cameras to do a Photo project for class. Taking pictures of our cat for like a postcard or whatever, and she is so disobedient. She doesn't stare at the camera, she always moves, she is so uncooperative.

It's when she isn't trying and when she's just in her most natural state that she is actually the best. But I wonder what it's like for those "stardom" cats, the cats that are born and raised to be stars and the ones that have to spend every moment in the spotlight.

I am okay with my cat just being herself. She doesn't always respond to her name but whenever I need her she is there, and she's always cute. Not all cats were meant to be stars, but my cat is definitely the star in my life, and a lot cuter than any of those other cats on tv.

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