Sunday, March 11, 2012


Cats rub against things. Cats like to rub themselves all over the nicely vacuumed carpet, all over your black shirt, all over your clean clothes. My cat sheds like no other - she is a medium hair cat, but if I go a couple days without brushing her she will shed and rub her cat hair all over the place. Even if I do brush her daily she will still manage to find a way to get her hair on everything.

So, a tip to make sure that your cat doesn't get hair everywhere is to brush your cat everyday. My cat doesn't like when I brush her but is fine with anyone else brushing her.

It's good to just stroke your cat gently, almost like you are petting her. Sometimes you must give a bit more effort and push down, but do not push down to hard. Some cats are very sensitive so you want to see how much your cat can take, my cat likes it a little bit rough.

There are some cats that are short haired and don't need to be brushed daily, my cat is not one of them. Thankfully my cat doesn't have a problem with hair balls, but she does like to lick a lot with that sandpaper tongue of hers. The easiest part of the cat to brush would be the tail, because it's very fluffy. Don't worry to much about brushing the paws and the legs - focus mostly on the back and the belly. The bristles may be painful on the ears and head part of the cat so just avoid those places.

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