Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Clean a Litter Box

How To Clean A Litter Box:

Here are the steps to take in cleaning your cat's litter box, this should be done once a day.

1) Get two plastic bags. They can be grocery bags. Take one plastic bag and put it inside of the other plastic bag. This is so that if the litter rips against the inner plastic bag there is still the outer plastic bag and the litter won't go all over the place.

2) Invest in a scooper that is great at sifting through the litter. You want to use the scooper to dig into the litter and then shake it from side to side so that all the excess litter gets out and all you are left with is the poop and urine clumps.

3) You want to continue to do this until there is no more poop and urine clumps within the litter box.

4) You take the two plastic bags and tie them up and then throw them on the back porch or go straight to the garbage can and do it that way, just make sure it isn't in the house because that will stink up the house.

5) Wash your hands, I can't stress enough how important it is to wash your hands.

Nine out of ten times your cat will use the litter box immediately after you clean it.

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